Can I Catch A Disease Through Mouth-To-Mouth? [ 0 Comments ] [ May 25, 2017 ]

BLS certification Orange County - mouth to mouthGetting your BLS certification Orange County is a great thing, and not just for the altruistic reasons. Being BLS certified can be favorable for your career plans (link to the other blog). However, many people are concerned about the possibility of contracting a disease through the procedure of mouth-to-mouth breathing. If you yourself are not worried about such a possibility, those around you could be. Your parents, spouse, children or simply loved ones could advise you against getting involved in a potentially life-saving procedure on account of the fact that you don’t know the patient. Is this misinformation? And how should you act?

Does it really happen?

It could be that people started feeling anxious about mouth-to-mouth when HIV broke out in the 1980’s. Even though some bacteria can be contracted through saliva, including hepatitis C, there has been no scientific evidence that you actually can contract a disease through such a limited and short exposure. On the other hand, however slight and insignificant the risk, it still rises if you have a wound or sore in your mouth or around your lips.

Can you protect yourself?

Let’s say there are cases which could get you ill while rescuing someone with CPR. What precautions are there? The first would be knowing the victim, preferably their medical history and the people they hang around with or come in contact with. Of course, that’s not always possible. Should you deny help to a stranger just because you don’t know their medical history and company preferences?

You should know that according to new AHA guidelines, you are not required to perform mouth to mouth during CPR (especially if it’s a stranger).

Also, bear in mind that there is protective equipment that could help you protect yourself if you ever find yourself in a situation where you hesitate about providing mouth to mouth. You can carry a face shield with a one-way valve and gloves. If such a precaution sounds like too much hassle or too many things to remember to carry with you, relax. This equipment can be packed as key rings which are very compact and light.

What’s the takeaway?

We haven’t heard of a case where a rescuer contracted a disease through CPR. However, even though chances and slight and incidents aren’t really known, you still should protect yourself, especially if you are in doubt. You can equip yourself with a key ring kit with a face shield and some gloves if you want to be alert to any possibility. It’s good to be wary, but not more than necessary. You can also always have yourself checked after the incident, just to be on the safe side.

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